Dreams really can come true!

We know this because our dream of building a log home in the scenic Ozarks did come true. Coming from post-Katrina Louisiana we anticipated how life could change with a change of scenery and lifestyle. When we first came to the Ozarks with just a dream in hand, we went to a Log Home show in Branson, Mo. (which we highly recommend for anyone considering building a log home!) We attended many seminars and question and answer sessions. The more we learned the more we knew that a log home was definitely what we wanted. One big advantage to attending a log home show is being able to meet with the representatives from many major log home manufacturers. We felt so blessed when we met Lee Walsh who represented Kuhns Bros. Log Homes. Not only did Lee sell the log home package, but he was also a builder and would be constructing our new log home. There are times when you meet a person and you know immediately that there is a connection, and we both felt that Lee was someone we could trust to help us realize our dream.

Since we were “flatlanders” we had so much to learn beginning with the concept of building on hilly, rocky land and all the challenges that come with it. We had never heard of perc tests, had never ever stepped into a basement, had no concept of what a “crawl space” was, etc. All we knew was that we had found some very rocky wooded land and wanted to live on it. To make things even more challenging, we knew that we would eventually have three homes built on our acreage (my siblings were planning on moving to the Ozarks as well), so we needed three perc spots, three building sites, in addition to a pole barn. Lee came and walked the entire acreage with us, pointing out which parts of the land were better suited, and simply made us feel as though our dream would really be possible. And he was right. He arranged for an interior road to be built, oversaw the electric company bringing power to our site, arranged for our pole barn to be built, etc. We were still living in Louisiana at the time, so Lee’s skill with communicating via the computer really helped us feel closer to the process. He routinely sent us photos of the progress and talked to us about every step of the project. I cannot stress enough how Lee’s concise and timely communication gave us peace of mind.

We were able to move into our RV on the property before construction was finished, and we got to know the construction crew very well. Every single man on the job was a pleasure to be around- very skilled and polite.

From walking the land to helping us create our house plans, from dynamiting for the basement to picking out the metal roof, Lee and his crew were there to assist us. I have heard nightmares about building homes, but our experience was wonderful. And the end result?

Our dream did come true!

Thank you Lee.


Dave & Kevin Powell,   Gamaliel, AR