White River Cabin


We built this cabin a few years ago, but I’ve never uploaded several cabins to the website and thought it was about time.  We’ve had a lot of requests for small cabins lately, and wanted to show this cabin as a perfect example of a nice getaway cabin or 2nd home.

This cabin is a 24×32′  768 SQFT on the Main Floor    380 SQFT in the Loft    1148 SQFT total.   372 SQFT of Porches.

1st Floor 2nd floor front left right

IMGP5103 IMGP5104 IMGP5105 IMGP5106 IMGP5107 IMGP5108 IMGP5109 IMGP5110 IMGP5111 IMGP5112 IMGP5115 IMGP5116 IMGP5117 IMGP5118 IMGP5122 IMGP5124 IMGP5125 IMGP5126 IMGP5127 IMGP5128 IMGP5131 IMGP5132 IMGP5133 IMGP5134 IMGP5135